DA PA Checker

DA PA Checker

Use DA PA Checker, paste up to 10 URLs in the input box given below and click on the Check Authority Button. The usage of Domain Authority Checker and Page Authority Checker is very easy nowadays.
Just paste the URLs in the input box and click on the Check Authority Button. You can even paste bulk URLs.

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Domain Authority checker calculates the domain authority efficiently in the form of the rate of performance of the website in search engines.

We combine multiple authorities with other calculations like the total number of links and Page authority to determine the rate of website popularity.

There are 40 different factors to calculate DA and PA accompanied on a scale of 100 points.

What is Domain Authority?

The term DA was developed by MOZ,  to rank the score of a website or search engine pages and deliberate the result score ranging from 1 to 100 scaling metrics. Domain Authority reflects the authority of a website in search engines. The increment in the DA score of a website increases SERPs. It helps to ascertain the pursuance of your website for link-building opportunities. So, for sure, it is the benchmark against competitors.

What is Page Authority?

Page authority is similar but at an individual page level. It predicts the Wellness of a specific page that will rank in the search engine result pages. Page authorities are formally a part of the link-building equation to target pages.

DA vs PA

Domain Authority gives you full exposure to sustain the reliability of readers and even creates full authority over a full website.

On the contrary, Page Authority gives full exposure to the reliance of the users to sustain the authority of the page to the other pages of the same content in a domain.

What is Bulk Authority Checker?

The bulk Domain  Authority Checker enables us to see DA of the multiple domains at a similar time simultaneously.

How does our Domain Authority Checker work?

As per the name, it scores your website rank as per search engine results. It also forecasts more or less in an efficient way to predict the current website performance and change SEO strategies as per it.

Domain Authority Checker is based on machine learning algorithms that ascertain the frequency of the website appearing in Google search engine results. It is to be put under consideration that the DA PA Checker tool also includes competitors. For example- if your website DA represents a 40 score whereas your competitor’s score is 41. It indicates that the DA result of your website is lower than your competitor’s. Credibility in comparison to the competitors by way of ranking.

Characteristics of DA PA Checker:

  • Raw data extracted from URL to check DA of all domain
  • URL list should be pasted in clarity to detain the correct website authority
  • DA PA Checker also considers qualitative pages of the website to rank on SERPs.
  • DA PA Checker enables scoring spam and indexing pages on Google of each website

Key benefits of using DA PA Checker

DA PA Checker is the best tool to check the score of your skillful website. Apart from engraving ranking, it assures plenty of benefits which are dealt with in the following bullets:

  • The DA PA Checker tool provides numerous URL results within a few moments.
  • The result is authentic and accurate.
  • Usage of DA checker permits you to make proper changes to SEO strategies to rank high.
  • You can analyze your competitor’s position and quickly make necessary improvements in the content.
  • You can even check domain authority page ranking to assert the website upgraded pages in the rank holding.

What is a good score for the Domain Authority?

Most population is concerned and curious about it. For instance, list your organic search competitors to give answers to their relevant queries. Then add on to the domain rank checker. The free-of-cost Domain Authority Checker gives a good indication of your position in terms of your competitors.

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How to Improve Domain Authority Score?

Domain authority score can be improved with the practice of the following bullets:

  • Register Domain Name for a year (minimum of 4 to 5 years) to increase the Goodwill of the website and good exposure of score.
  • Building more links to make the content engaging.
  • To create an impactful DA score backlinks are the keystrokes.
  • Add many more backlinks to the respective website.
  • Usage of backlinks of a good quality website.
  • Create a powerful linking structure to avoid the competitor’s threat of scoring DA.
  • Usage of older post links and connect to new ones to give exposure to build connections between old and new websites.

So, DA PA Checker is a good way to keep track of your link-building progress and evaluate link-building opportunities.


  1. Does Domain Authority affect SEO?

    Yes, Domain  Authority doesn’t affect the SEO of a website but it shows the progress of the SEO strategy and ranking potential of a website in top search results. Any website with higher domain authority will correlate with a higher search engine ranking.

  2. Is DA a Ranking Factor?

    No domain authority ever refers to the ranking factor and it doesn’t have any effect on scrap. It’s just an algorithm or calculation to measure the strength or authority of a website.

  3. Is DA PA Checker free of cost?

    Yes, DA PA Checker can be used without any subscription cost. This is a bulk DA PA Checker which checks the authority of multiple websites and web pages at the same time.