Spam Score Checker

Spam Score Checker

A spam score checker is an easy-to-handle tool designed mainly to check the spam rate or score of an uploaded website. The tool assists in ascertaining multiple sites’ scores.

The user can even check the spam score of the bulk websites at the same time using the bulk spam score checker tool. Just paste the URL of the respective website to check the Spam Score.

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What is a Spam Score?

MOZ, the SEO Data and Software Company developed the metric of Spam Score. It is the rating criteria offered by MOZ to determine the quality of Spam present on the website that is referred to as the Spam Score.

If the spam score is very high for any website it indicates no matter how much quality content it retains Google will not rank the web pages which ends up in decrement in traffic and user engagement in the websites. In short Spam score determines the quality of content available on the website and the types of backlinks. But somehow this is not a ranking factor in SERP. 

What are the benefits of using Spam Score Checker?

The manifold benefits are listed in the following in a detailed way:

  • Spam Score Checker enhances the creditability of websites by ensuring that the websites are free from such practices of deception.
  • Identification of such addresses leads to overdrawn links from websites to avoid the penalty by Google.
  • Spam Checker also acts as an SEO-optimization tool by ensuring quality content on trustworthy websites.
  • It improves the overall ranking of the website
  • It detects malicious content and links if any resembles the factor.

How is the free spam score checker used?

Following are the processes of using Free Spam Score Checker

Step 1- Paste the website URL in the Input box.

Step 2- Put up to 10 websites to check in bulk

Step 3- Click on the Check Spam button to display the result.

What are the characteristics of a Spam Score Checker?

The features of the Spam Checker Tool are listed below:

  • Spam Checker tool enables you to check the spam score present in the website to secure your website from the penalty threat of Google, all these advantages are free of cost without any hidden expenses.
  • Exposure to use multiple websites to check spam scores adding every URL in a new line. It also saves the website’s quality content from the engagement of low-quality backline clutches.
  • Spam Checker enables the generation of results in an Excel file by just a simple step of Clicking on Download Excel Report to begin the downloading procedure.
  • Spam Checker Tool gives full liberty to the user without any provision of sign-in or registration to simply handle the tool for determination of spam issues of websites.

Who are the users of the Spam Checker Tool?

A spam checker tool is required for various purposes:

SEO Executives:  SEO always keeps invigilating the quality of websites for such reason spam score checkers is there to ultimately in demand. It enables them to sustain the quality content on the website.

Webcrawlers:  Webcrawlers always use a spam score checker to ascertain backlinks spam present in the content and the scoreboard of the website in the grade of spam.

Bloggers: Bloggers need to add various website links for backlinks. Prior to such work, it is useful to check spam scores to ascertain the authenticity and authority of the website.

Writer: Spam Score Checker is also used by content writers in order to check the authenticity of the content and website.

What causes a high spam score?

Spammy websites are websites that inherit the features that in general banned or penalised by Google and if those websites get linked to the authentic website of good Domain Authority then it can conceive the website and enhance the spam score of that website as well.

How does the user can decrease their website Spam Score?

To remove the spam score of your website, you first make sure the toxicity of the spam present in the website and their different backlinks. To get rid of such links in a nutshell find out the details of this information by following two simple steps:

Step 1: Ascertain toxic links

Step 2: Remove those links from referred pages to dishonor spam.

How often does Spam Score update?

Spam Score change with every update is a myth or not a genuine fact. In a real sense, search engine crawlers if notice betterment in the provision of factors in the website then only change the spam score of the website from worst to good rank.

Final Words

The spam score checker is a SEO tool for all kinds of website holders to use, it provides the provision of unique features with the capacity to access the day-to-day performance. It checks the vulnerability of the website.

By using of Spam Score Checker, you can easily determine and resolve content-related issues and enhance the SERP.

We are sincerely grateful for your continuous support and hope the above-mentioned information has been valuable to you.


What is the ideal spam score?

MOZ has developed the spam score tool to establish a distinction between trustworthy and spammy websites. The number ranges from 0 to 17 in which zero is considered the most reliable while 17 is the least in the category.

What are the major consequences of spammy websites?

  • Corrupt backlinks
  • Penalize the website
  • Reduce search engine rank
  • Lower visibility with less organic traffic

The website should check this spam and take the necessary steps to address such issues.

What is Cloaking?

A hidden spam page in different URLs for search engines and human users. It attracts multimedia and graphic content and generates spam pages to harm SEO.

How does the usage of spam score checker advantageous for the business?

Spam score checker has some following benefits to the business.

  • It brings up IP reputation
  • It increases the trust of the readers
  • It keeps the business from penalty.

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