URL Shortener


A URL shortener is a tool or instrument that converts lengthy and complex website addresses into shorter, more user-friendly ones. This tool transforms long and intricate website addresses into more manageable, concise, and convenient links provided by a URL shortener tool.

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The main reason for using a URL shortеnеr is to makе wеb addresses shorter and easier to share and morе suitablе for social mеdia or situations whеrе thеrе arе limits on thе number of characters allowеd.


Whеn somеonе clicks on thе short link, it takеs thеm to thе original, longеr wеb address. Users arе usually ablе to track thе еffеctivеnеss of thеir links using thе provided tracking and analytics fеaturеs. This includes showing the number of times people have clicked on the links and where they are located.

How to Create a Short URL?

STEP 1- Get the URL that needs to be shortened

For a website

  1. Copy the URL you are trying to shorten from the address bar.
  2. Go to Step 2 below

For a Google Doc

  1. Make sure that “anyone with the link” and “can edit” or “can view” are selected as the sharing options, accordingly.
  2. Copy the “shareable link” from the copy link button
  3. Go to Step 2 below

For a Google Form

  1. After creating your form, click Send (but you won’t send it). By clicking the link icon and copying the link.
  2. Go to Step 2 below

STEP 2- How to get the new shortened URL:

  1. Go to – URL Shortner
  2. Paste the existing URL to the bar and click the “Shorten URL” button.
  3. Add an alias if you want to customize your link
  4. Then copy the short URL and use it

Benefits of URL Shortener

  • Our free URL shortener tool helps you create multiple short links for one web address; by creating various links in this way, your content will reach the specifically targeted audience easily.
  • One of the most important benefits of using a URL shortener is that you can customize the last portion of your website address or URL; thus, it becomes trustworthy.
  • Your website ranking generally depends on your URL structure. If your URL carries important qualities and follows a proper format and if your content can be reflected through the URL. Then, only your site has a chance of getting ranked.

Features of URL Shortener:

  • URL shorteners often have a dashboard showing you link information. This includes how often the link has been clicked and where those clicks are coming from. URL shorteners can be very helpful to track how well a specific link is doing.
  • Sharing shortened links on social media platforms is more accessible. Using a shortened link can increase the visibility of your web address, as it is more memorable and prompts individuals to share it on social media. Transform any long and complicated website address into more manageable, short, and convenient links provided by a URL shortener tool.
  • Shortened URLs are frequently utilized in QR codes, as they can store more data in a bit of code. This can be valuable for offline promoting materials.
  • A few URL shortening administrations permit you to make custom short URLs with branded or significant catchphrases, strengthening your brand and making the interface more recognizable.

What is a Link-in-bio?

There are various benefits of using short links in social network profiles. They preserve valuable character space, allowing for brief profiles. Short URLs are more accessible to the eye, improving the aesthetics of accounts. In addition, they make it easier to determine engagement and click-through rates, which helps users assess their online influence. Users must exercise caution to ensure the short link’s destination is reputable and secure for its audience.


What are URL aliases?

An organized path for your pages is a URL alias. It changes the node’s way into a more readable format. It affects what goes in the URL after the base path of your website.

Example: This page’s URL alias is shrtco.de/URL-aliases.

Short URLs usually look good, and they also provide more professional service compared to long URLs. Our URL tool makes link sharing much more accessible. Our platform helps you build a meaningful relationship between you and your users, which is why many brands prefer our service.

Some benefits of URL shorteners include creating tiny, shareable links, enhancing aesthetics, conserving space in printed materials, and measuring interaction metrics. They improve the user experience in QR codes, advertisements, and social media. However, vigilance must be maintained due to potential security threats, masked locations, and privacy worries.

What is a custom URL shortener?

A custom URL shortening tool is an online service that helps us to customize shortened links. A free custom URL shortener is a process to create web addresses that look more visually appealing and easily manageable links, providing information about customer behavior and improving brand recognition.

To minimize the site page address into something that’s easier to remember and track.


Paste the URL in the above box to  make it shorten.