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The simplest way to locate a location using an IP address is to go to a trustworthy website. Our IP location tool is compatible with Windows and Android. Visit our website “IP Locator” if you want to discover the precise location of any certain IP address.

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Your IP Details

external-IP-Address-web-hosting-(outline)-outline-andi-nur-abdillahIP Address66.29.130.26
city-buildingsCityLos Angeles
zip-codeZIP code90064
country--v1Country CodeUS
globe--v1CountryUnited States
timeCurrent Time11:11:40 PM
external-continent-geological-exploration-outline-geotatahContinentNorth America
shutterstockISPNamecheap, Inc.
parallel-tasksOrganisationNamecheap, Inc.
nft-node--v2ASAS22612 Namecheap, Inc.
nft-node--v1AS NameNAMECHEAP-NET


Brief Overview of IP Address

Each network-connected gadget is given a unique identifier known as an IP address. Information packets work as the device’s organized identifier, empowering them to coordinate data to its expected goal. IP addresses are vital for sending information on the web and neighborhood systems. They wonder if data gets to the proper individual or what it’s implied for. Gadgets associated with an organization can be distinguished using their IP addresses. An IP address makes a difference in information bundles discovering their proper place on the Web with the assistance of an IP locator on a nearby arrange, comparable to how a road address makes a difference in mail administration conveying mail to a particular put. The Web employs computer IP addresses to send and get information.

IP Locator

Perks of using an IP locator

An IP address locator is a that tool provides us different types of information regarding IP addresses. The facilities and knowledge that this tool gives us are mentioned below.

  •   The device may additionally allow information around the web benefit supplier (ISP) or organization that has the IP address. This may help in recognizing the substance able for the IP address.
  •   There are two distinctive adaptations of the Web Convention, specifically IPv4 and IPv6, and this data can offer assistance in deciding on the off chance that the IP address has a place in either of these forms.
  •   IP address finder discovers the city name, region, country, country code, continent, proxy, and possibly latitude/longitude coordinates linked with the IP address.

 Types of IP Address

  • Static IP Addresses:  An inactive IP address is a permanent IP address that doesn’t change for a device. It is often used for servers, websites, and devices requiring a permanent connection address. A static IP address is a permanent address that won’t change unless someone changes it manually. Static IPs assist in establishing connections with devices located at distant locations. If you want to access a device over the Internet, such as a security camera or a home automation system, knowing its static IP address will make it easier to connect remotely.
  • Dynamic IP address:  Dynamic IP addresses can alter and are not permanent. Often, a server gives them gadgets from your web benefit supplier.
    Energetic IP addresses are commonly utilized for private web associations and offer assistance in preserving IP address assets.
  • Public IP address: An open IP or IP address may be an uncommon name given to gadgets on the open Web. They permit these gadgets to converse with each other over the Web.
    Web benefit suppliers donate open IP addresses that are ordinarily dynamic but sometimes can also be inactive.
  • Private IP Addresses: These IP addresses are used in local, private networks like those in homes or businesses. They are typically used for intra-network communication between devices because they are not routable on the public Internet. Although they can be configured statically, private IP addresses are frequently assigned dynamically.

All about IP Locator

IP locators work by analyzing databases of IP address ranges and their related geographic data. These databases are continuously upgraded to reflect the changes in IP assignments and physical areas. IP locator online collects a variety of information, and this collected data is beneficial for determining the country of origin of website visitors, catering content or services to particular regions, enhancing network security, and helping with network troubleshooting.

IP locators work by analyzing databases of IP address ranges and their related geographic data. These databases are ceaselessly overhauled to reflect changes in IP assignments and physical areas. 

Finding the location of the IP address?

Asking for a reliable website is the simplest method to find a location using an IP address. You can use our IP locator tool on both android and windows. If you want to know the accurate location of any particular IP address, you need to visit our website “ IP Locator.”

What does a public IP address tell you?

A public IP address continuously gives data about a network or gadget. Open IP addresses are like identification that permits us to associate with the Web and get information from worldwide. It may provide data about the sort of network being utilized. For case, by using the IP address and other information, you’ll discover if it may be a network for homes, businesses, or where data is stored. 

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IP Location Finder-FAQ

What is IP geolocation?

IP geolocation could be an innovation that permits you to decide the physical area or geological arranges of a gadget or client based on their IP address. This innovation utilizes databases and calculations to relate IP addresses with particular geographic regions. IP geolocation can give data such as the city, locale, nation, scope, and longitude of the gadget or client.

IP geolocation improves cybersecurity by recognizing potential dangers or suspicious exercises. It makes a difference in identifying unauthorized get-to- or unordinary login endeavors. 

The IP Geo Locator ordinarily gives decently precise location data, but sometimes it needs to show the proper come about. The precision of location can vary depending on where you’re – in the nation, locale, or city. Sometimes, the geolocator may not work legitimately if you employ anonymous innovation like a VPN on your device. If a place’s database isn’t overhauled as regularly as others, you’ll take note that distinctive IP geolocation APIs allow comparable come about. 

IP lookup questions a geolocation database to relate an IP address with the geographical data. This method includes sending the IP address to a geolocation benefit, which looks up the address in its database to recover points of interest such as the city, locale, nation, scope, longitude, and ISP related to that IP. At that point, this data is displayed to the client or framework in a user-friendly arrangement. 

To check your IP address, please visit IP Location Track, here, you can easily find your current IP address. 

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