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In general, Domain Age implies the number of years during which the domain name existed i.e. the age of survival of the domain name.

Ex:  Domain Name was registered in 2015. So, the domain age is recommended to be 5 years till the initial year of establishment.

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What is a Domain Name?

The URL of a website consists of a website name i.e. Domain. In a nutshell, the address through which users can explore the website is called Domain Name.

What is a Domain Age Checker Tool?

Domain Age Checker Tool is an initiation of fulfilling the purpose of ascertaining the age of a website registered under the domain on the Internet and by how far it has survived since it was created.

Our Domain Checker is by far the best domain age checker tool, it not only analyzes the years but also reveals details like month, time, and and date of the domain’s exact period since its creation. This tool also helps to showcase more details about the following points:

  • Shows a clear picture of the host of the website in addition to the type of IP Address it is to be.
  • Name servers attached to the domain name.
  • Backlinks paved the way to check the history of the Domain Name.
  • Registrar of Domain Name is easily ascertained.
  • The date of last update.
  • The expiry date of the domain.

So, it is very straightforward that the Domain Age Tool serves as a Domain Age Checker moreover it acts as :

* Web Hoster Checked.

* Domain IP Address Checker

* Domain Registrar Checker

* Domain Name Server Checker

* Domain Expiry Date Checked

With those bulk features, we bring these tools free for you. No hidden cost or monthly subscription is even laid upon this tool.

What are the reasons for checking the Domain Age?

The various ways to check the age of the domain name, are listed accordingly in the following points:

  • To purchase an existing domain name.
  • To ascertain competitors’ domain names explore the dominance of that domain in the search engine.
  • It is mainly used to calculate the age of own website.
  • To find out the exposure of backlinks in the website i.e. greater age leads to a higher backlink profile.
  • To estimate the total traffic to be expected for the website as per age.
  • The reputation of the domain within the market.

How to use Domain Age Checker?

Domain Age Checker is very simple and reliable to handle without any long tutorials or procedures for ascertaining. Our tool never users to register. Hence one can begin the usage of tools in easy terms.

To ascertain the age, follow the steps:

Step 1: You need to explore the Domain Age  Checker Tool.

Step 2: A box is present to enter the domain name for checking the approved age. Bulk checking is also possible at the same time.

Step 3: After doing the prior step, tap on the Check Domain Age button.

Step 4: Within the blink of an eye the Domain Age Checker displays the result on the screen. It includes:

  • Age
  • Date of Creation
  • Date of Expiry
  • Last Update Date
  • Registrar

Why is Domain Age Checker so significant?

The actual reason behind such popularity of Domain Age Checker is that if a website registers 10 years earlier but without any role to play in the website content marketing it retains no value whereas, if a website registered just 1 week before retains high value if it achieve their target uploads of content or blogs in the website to create buzz among the users or engage trafficking in the website. It also enhances the Doman Authority or Page Authority of the Domain. It helps in the prediction of the position it secured in the website market as per SERPs.

Is Domain Age Important in Google Ranking?

Yes, the domain plays a key role in rank gradation in Google. As per rules, Google identifies the date of the domain’s registration and initial progress in the way of search engine ranking to configure the actual rank holding of the website. As previously mentioned retaining the long age of the website results in good backlink connections to the qualitative approach.

Who owns a Domain Name?

Web crawlers or SEO always seek information about domain registration for several reasons mentioned in the list:

  • To ascertain the legitimacy and relevancy of ownership of the website to establish backlinks to secure good ranking.
  • To detect spam exposure if any is present on the website to safeguard from being penalized on the website.



  • Is Domain Age a ranking factor?

    No, not as per John Mueller, Search advocates at Google, domain age never refers to a ranking factor not even assist the domain in collecting trust and authority but acts as a key metric to put other SEO metrics.

  • How long ago was a domain name registered?

    The domain name not only ensures the specified date on which it was registered but confirms calculations of months, days, and years specified way.

  • Which domain name cannot be retrieved?

    Most domain name showcase their age but a few dates cannot be retrieved due to technical reasons like,,, and

  • Which is the oldest domain name?

    The first domain name was registered on Friday 15th of March, 1985. which is nearly 35 years old today.

Domain Age Checker not only showcases the age of the domain name but assists in understanding other functions of it. Domain Age Checker can show the history of the domain enormously.

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