How to Invest in Mutual Funds? Complete Guide

Do you want to wisely allocate your savings and perhaps get a few productive returns from them once in a while? 

Then you must have considered invest in mutual funds at some point. However, such investments may indeed seem scary for those who are not well-versed when it comes to mutual funds. 

However, mutual funds can turn out to be very wise avenues for engaging your savings. They are professionally managed vehicles for investment pooling money from several investors. 

All you need to do in order to invest and get productive returns is open your account, learn how to pick the perfect mutual funds understand how they work, and start investing!

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How to invest in mutual funds for beginners?

In order to successfully invest in mutual funds, you just need to follow a few simple steps –

  1. The first step before investing is risk profiling – this entails assessing all your risk factors and tolerance for unforeseen crises that may occur after investment.

    It is essential before investing to know how capable you are of investing certain amounts and the circumstances that may arise in consequence.

  2. The next step after risk profiling is asset allocation. This is the point at which you decide how much money will go into various asset classes as an investment.

    You should always make sure that your investment includes a proper mix of equity and debt instruments so that risk factors can be balanced from all sides.

  3. The following step for you will be to identify mutual funds that will invest in each asset class.

    After doing this, you can check the past performance of those mutual funds and the objectives of investment for those. By doing so, you can compare various mutual funds.

  4. Now it remains for you to select and decide the specific mutual fund that you want to invest in.

    After that, you can start the application process based on whether you want to apply online or offline.

  5.   Finally, you have to make sure that you have diversified your investments and are conducting regular follow-ups, for better results and higher profit.

How do you successfully invest in mutual funds online?

If you want to invest in mutual funds online, you can do so as well. You can either invest via the online websites of Asset Management Companies, or you can invest through apps belonging to Asset Management Companies.

  1. To invest via official websites: Asset Management Companies(AMCs) will usually have their official websites.

    Here you can create an account and find multiple mutual funds in each category. Follow the instructions provided on the websites in order to make your investment.

    You will be asked to fill in some general required information in order to successfully make your application.

  2. To invest via apps: AMCs will also sometimes provide scope for quick and hassle-free investment through apps, enabling users to also view account statements and check other relevant details regarding their portfolio.


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