URL Expander

URL Expander

In this modern age, URL Expander is an essential tool or instrument; this tool plays a vital role in protecting your privacy and security in many ways. We usually use it when we want to know the final redirect of a particular shortened URL before clicking on a specific link.

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 Before accessing any unknown link, we need to check if the link contains any virus or malware, and this way, we can protect our system from unknown threats. This tool helps maintain transparency among the users and trustworthiness.

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What is Url Expansion?

URL expansion, or URL unshortening, is a process through which we can see the full-length complex URL or web address hidden under a static URL or shortened URL.

URL decoder assists in maintaining transparency by revealing the full link before entering. This tool helps users ensure their safety and builds trust among the users; now, the users are more likely to trust the link and web address.

Short URL resolver helps enhance the user experience by providing detailed information and context about the searched link. For these reasons, if you use a URL expander, you will get all the ideas about the website and have transparency.

Why is Url Expansion Needed?

URL expands refers to when a shortened URL is reverted to its original complex and lengthy format. Detailed reasons why you need to use the URL Expansion are discussed below.

Some unincorporated or independent URLs, links, or web addresses use malicious links that compromise users’ privacy and security. After clicking on the link, they can easily follow the users’ activity.

When users are convinced of the transparency and accuracy of a particular link and feel closer to the website’s content, they share more information about different online links, products, and services. URL Expander is also an informative tool that tells us about internet safety and teaches us the importance of verifying a web address before entering it. For these reasons, if you use URL Expander, you will first get all the knowledge about how secure and transparent the website address is and help us avoid unnecessary tracking and data collection by the URL

Use of Url Expansion in Social Media

Unshortened URLs or web addresses may contain confidential data like tracking codes or authentication numbers. Thanks to URL expansion, users can learn more about the websites they plan to share on social media. It helps them figure out whether they want to share their private information.

Social media platforms are an ideal place for phishing attacks. Hackers or fraudsters use various methods, including malicious links, to steal users’ private data through phishing attacks and spreading viruses on their systems. URL expanders protect users from such scams.

Clickbait is often used to cheat users on social media platforms. Clickbait is a common technique where mainly misleading headlines trick the users into clicking on the link. URL expansion tool helps users distinguish between misleading links or clicks, baits, and original links.

Challenges in Url Expansion

URL decoder is a critical process. With the help of this tool, we can determine the origin of the shortened URL, but this tool also has some disadvantages, which are discussed below.

A few URL shortening services utilize complex procedures to find the first URL. This could make it challenging to extend the URL precisely.

Most of the time, online individuals are not aware of the importance of URL expansion.

As a result, they often need to verify it before clicking on the links. Our tool is straightforward to use. New users who need to learn about URL expansion can also operate this tool.

URL Expander is an essential tool or instrument for promoting security in social media and helping users identify disguised malicious links. When active on social media sites or e-mail, we must remember that links from untrusted sources should not be clicked.


What is the purpose of a URL expander?

URL expander will expand your short URL and make it more clear to understand.

You have to paste the short URL in the above box and click on the “Expand” button to get the result. 

URL expander will expand your short URLs and make it more clear to understand. 

How can I expand short URL links in Chrome?

If you want to expand short URL link in chrome than you have to add the extension “Unshorten.link” in your chrome browser. 

You can expand one by one that will give you accurate result.

Here, not possible rather you can use below formula to unshorten google sheet: function ExpandURL(url){
var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url,{followRedirects: false});
var longurl = decodeURIComponent(response.getHeaders()['Location'])
return longurl;