How can I hide my IP address for free?

The Networks which is interconnected enable the exchange of data and share the sources of information over physical or wireless technology in a systematic way within the rules or protocols are called networking.

The device attached to a computer network uses an IP address through a domain name system to communicate with others over the internet. The below analysis relies on understanding how effective is IP address and what ways one adopt to dislocate IP address to not configure the secrets of an individual.

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IP addresses of computers are synonyms to the identity card of an individual which is associated with a specified computer network or can be used to connect to the internet. It is a string of numbers fragmented by periods and mostly expressed as a set of four numbers. As for – The range of numbers in IP addresses starts from 0 and ends at 225. The whole address is not at all taken randomly.

Most IP addresses are allocated to IANA( Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) a divisional organization of ICANN ( INTERNET CORPORATION FOR ASSIGNED NAME AND NUMBERS)


  • ICANN is a non-profit making Organisation established in the year 1988 in the United States to accomplish maintenance of Internet security and allowance of its usage wholly comprise in its activity. Whenever anyone registers a domain on the internet first they delegate through a domain name registrar who pays ICANN, the fee to register the domain.
  • DNS(Domain Number System) is used to locate a website in terms of respective IP addresses and the names of people. Example- is to be searched in a Web browser, and a server locates that name in respect of its IP address.

How does IP address work?

To understand the concept of connection distortion or troubleshoot to network one must clear the concept of IP address beforehand. IP address working process is as same as communication or interaction is done in a normal mode. It always follows certain guidelines before passing any form of information. The process of IP address works in the following mechanism:

  • Firstly: The device is connected to the internet to get access to information.
  • Secondly: The IP address is assigned by the internet service (ISP).
  • Thirdly: The IP address is used to provide access to the internet which is recorded in the server.
  • Fourthly: At home, most IP address remains unchanged while traveling or usage of another Wi-Fi.  The IP address of the same device changes as per the Wi-Fi configuration.


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How many types of IP addresses are present?

  1. PUBLIC IP ADDRESS: Internet service providers act as an intermediate and generally provide public IP addresses through routers. LAN connected to the public IP address is used for communication by different websites and other machines.

    Public IP addresses are generally used for publicly accessible enterprises like websites to get access anywhere. It always comes with a cost and use of such codes which are unique to each device and never be repeated. As it is publicly available it is very prone to Threats and Virus attacks. 
  2. PRIVATE IP ADDRESS:   The addresses that work within a Local Network and are mainly assigned on private work to a device are referred to as private IP addresses, these are the IP address which internally used without causing conflicts in the roots of public IP addresses. These networks are safe and secure. 
  3. STATIC IP ADDRESS: Static IP addresses are generally invalid IP addresses as they remain intact but are mostly compatible and last for many years. It also has to provide details of the device-related information. 
  4. DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS: Dynamic IP address changes from time to time and remains changed. The Internet service provider provides dynamic IP address which is always cost incurred in nature. This form of IP address is very annoying and noncompatible but the usage of such with the right software enables les to navigate easily for free.


What are the reasons behind hiding IP addresses?

The several reasons behind hiding IP addresses are:

  • PRIVACY ISSUE: Online actions are always being trapped by the government, internet service provider, or even the website visited most and the search engine as well. So the Mask of the IP address should be hidden to prevent unwanted surveillance.
  • TO TRACK GEO-BLOCK CONTENTS: As per geographical location, some content and services in online mode are blocked. With the help of Hiding IP address will help to bypass those restrictions and access the contents easily.
  • PREVENTING DIGITAL TRACKING:  Advertisement-based websites keep on accessing browser history. By hiding IP addresses one can secure their privacy limits.
  • AVOIDING GOVERNMENT SURVILLANCE: The government used to monitor the online activities of netizens by hiding IP addresses one can regulate access to secure privacy.
  • PREVENTING FROM DATA THEFT: By hiding the IP address one can save the data or information authentically and the chances of theft will be reduced.

What is the procedure to hide the IP address?

The following are the steps to hide the IP address:

STEP-1: One should check the current IP address by typing in the search engine Google, “What is my IP address? ” or you can directly get your IP Address with the help of Online IP Address Tracker

STEP-2: Sign up for Virtual Private Network(a software service that encrypts the data to be sent to and from the internet to another location).

STEP-3: Install the VPN app to run it.

STEP-4: Sign in by using of account credentials previously created.

STEP-5: Select the server and assign a new IP address.

STEP-6: Click the content button or double-tap to start the connection in a private network.

STEP-7: Once the connection is accessed, the new IP address is formed. To reaasure repeat step -1 once again.

How to hide IP address for free?

There are numerous ways to hide MY IP addresses free of cost as follows:

Tech Compare and Reviewed:  TOR is a decentralized network of operation used by most people on a worldwide basis.

Once a device is connected to TOR, the internet traffic becomes encrypted and follows a random sequence of nodes as a proxy. Each time one visit a website, the sequence of those nodes changes which make it too difficult to trace any activity of the original IP address.

To enjoy the random facility download and install the TOR browser. It applies to both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox free of cost.

It has certain drawbacks too given in the below-mentioned points-

  • TOR slower down the speed of the computer.
  • Offensive or criminal activities mainly sustained in the TOR browser.
  • It is used to access darknet.
  • Request the Internet Service Provider to change the IP address so that the current IP address is changed and no one can locate or track the online surfing of an individual.
  • Unplug the modem (the modem is the device that connects the network and sustains communication of the computer to access the internet facility) to get the dynamic IP address usage.
  • The usage of a proxy serves as a middleman between the internet and the devices in which the websites or servers never view the real IP address.
  • Usage of Firewalls never allows any website or server to browse the files or data of an individual and never lets the outsider get the IP address of any individual who sustains firewalls.


IP addresses should always be hidden for positive reasons instead of associating with unlawful activities because there are too many disadvantages to locating the IP address. It provides a special service to locate an individual and get information about their activities and current position. In a popularised country like India, the IP address of each individual is safe to use in most cases.

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