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India is a country of unity in diversity, which includes numerous villages, districts, and cities. Locating the proper area is a challenging and demanding task.

So to make the delivery of goods and to track the location of a place, area, or region, this pin code plays a pivotal role.

It is immensely useful at the address’s end, consisting of six digits. The postal index number is the acronym for the pin code.

Pin code Finder

In general, the postal index number is the undertaking of the Indian postal system, particularly across India. Out of nine pins, nine are allotted to the regional sector, and last but not least, nine are reserved for the Indian Army.


Shri Ram Bhikaji, the additional secretary in the Ministry of Communication, realizes the need and utility of simplifying the system, or the sorting and posting of mail by men (in a manual manner).

Such realization is due to a high rate of illiteracy and the destruction of distorted local languages, which create numerous confusions and result in mistakes or errors.

To prevent the prevailing situation on August 15, 1972, the pin code system was first introduced in India, and the rest created history by utilizing it as a wonderful aid to society.

How do I read a 6-digit Pin Code?

The whole six-digit code has sub-parts that signify close indications to understand the composition of the pin code, which are represented in the following bullets:

● The first digit designates or locates the zones.

● The second digit represents subzones.

● The third digit resembles a district within the region.

● The remaining three digits of the code identify the district’s post office.

Post Office Zones Pincode applicable in anti-clockwise

● For Northern Zone-1,2

● For Western Zone-3,4

● For Southern Zone-5,6

● For Eastern Zone-7,8

● For Army-9


A 4-digit pin code is an acronym for a personal identification number consisting of 4 digits (you already get the idea from the name).

It helps secure the safety and security of plastic cards (credit or debit cards) and even e-wallets from theft or involvement in any other fraudulent activity.

Marcus Durmuth, Senior Executive of the Mobile Security Group at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, believes that it’s mostly impossible to crack a 4-digit security Pin Code intentionally.

What is a good 4-digit PIN?

A 4-digit PIN is a kind of password intercepted on the debit card or invalid to keep it hidden from getting localized.

It is used to make transactions related to money with the help of electronic media like mobile phones, internet ATMs, etc.


●      Safest Pin Code

As per Tyler Moffitt, a remarkable professional in the cyber security cell, an incredible pin never follows a pattern, date, or even repetition of consecutive numbers.

Sometimes, the column of the keypad is taken as a reference for setting the pin code, but that is also found to be degrading in terms of safety.

●      10,000 possible ways

It’s interesting to come across the fact that within a 4-digit number, one can select 10,000 possible ways to generate a 4-digit pin code.

●      Popularity

ATM inventor John Shepherd Barren introduced the 6-digit Pincode for ATMs, but his spouse could only remember the first four digits. Whereby four-digit pin codes became popular after that.

How Do I Set A Pin Code?

●      Procedure for creating a pin

A pin code is generally or intentionally set to secure important aspects like money, phone, and identity login accounts to safeguard the interests of its users from being exploited by others.

To make it applicable, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Firstly, go to settings and tap the security option.
  2. Secondly, clicking on Setting Lock or what might be different options like PIN or Password both tend to be more secure.
  3. Thirdly, the password of four digits should be unique and strong by using a character, symbol, or even alphanumeric letters.
  4. Fourthly, after setting it, save and confirm the password. It’s a versatile way of setting pins.

Are UPI and ATM pins synonyms?

No, UPI is the acronym for Unified Payment Interface. While transacting, the application of UPI is mostly required.

ATM Pins are mostly demanded to authenticate the person by providing four secret digits to withdraw the money.

How do I find a pin code?

If you are searching for a Pin Code Finder website, you should go with the Financial Code Finder site, one of the leading websites that provide accurate results to users in real-time.

This site has gained popularity just because of its accuracy and real-time data.


For the youth or beginners, it is important to understand the concept of a pin code and segregate its types according to their needs.

After analyzing the whole 6-digit and 4-digit UPI pin, it is concluded that the pin code makes the most effort to simplify the complicated work and helps authenticate and protect the users’ interests from the clutches of fraudulent persons or systems.

A 4-digit Pin Code presents a boon to the electronic medium, which helps to sustain and act as a proper tool to transact money-related activities. Nevertheless, the 6-digit Pin Code also helps to locate geographical areas, which leads to proper communication within this modern world.

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