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In computer terms, the domain is a primary early unique address likely to be remembered that enables a user to access the website. In short, a domain name is the address of the website on the internet.

Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority and how it is calculated?

Domain authority is a measurement of quantitative aspects concerning, comparing, and keeping track which was designed and developed by MOZ.

This authority keeps the information about the number of appearances of the domain owners’ content in search engines in comparison to the closest competitors. It can be calculated in the criteria of 1 to 100. Various factors are to be considered while allotting scores to the website.

The factors to be undertaken are as follows:

√ number of searches on the website.

√ quality content of the website.

√ relevancy of backlinks.

The higher the score in DA results, the more relevancy of SERP appearance. DA helps the website owner to calculate the performance concerning competitors interpret their activities and upload content.

# Facts to know-

  • The links of other websites available in a website to get detailed information on specified words are called backlinks.
  • SERP is the page that the search engine is likely to show after the user submits the query. Here organic as well as inorganic results show up.

How to check the DA score?

Website domain authority can be checked by the usage of Free Domain Authority Checker  by applying the following steps-

Step 1:  Enter the website.

Step 2: All the relevant information related to the Domain appears on the screen of the monitor.


The scoring system of domain authority depends upon the nature of the topic and the target explorers that is the audience.

The main goal of domain authority is to eliminate the competitors from the existing environment appears to be at the top SERP.

However, the DA  comparative measurement mechanism set no mandatory norms as the DA metric system ranks between 1 to 100.


Score Remarks
Above 60 Excellent
50-60 Good
49 Average or satisfactory
Below 50 Needs Improvement


What are the Remedial Measures to enhance the score of Domain Authority?

The effective ways to boost more concentration of search in DA of a website are as given in bullets:

* Trustworthy backlinks- the backlinks should be used of good quality from trust sites that delegate sustainable information to the audience.

* Upgradation of frequent content- the number of contents and publish it frequently so more content is accumulated on the website. It facilitates more options to explore by users.

*Create a sitemap- it is a list of the contents of the website which is present in XML format that helps the search engine to understand the content and shows the relevant SERP to improve the domain authorities.

* Enhance the security obligation- to increase the security and safety relevant virus attack protectors are to be installed as a security plugin.

What is Page Authority?

The score which indicates that a specified page rank on SRP developed by marketing and analysis is called Page Authority.

What do you understand by page authority score?

Page Authority is the Score that ranks by the usage of 100 point algorithmic scale which is directly proportional to the rank of the page. It indicates a higher point leads to a higher rank. Page authority’s score also depends on the below-mentioned three factors-

  • High-quality content.
  • Contribution of the page in particular links.
  • Frequent upgrades with the latest updates.

What are the techniques to improve the Page Authority?

Factors that stimulate the page authority are as follows: 

  • Usage of fresh content enhances the crawler to get information on new varieties of content which helps the website to increase ranking and remain in the list of high search operating.
  • Use of images and charts within the content to represent the content in a tactful manner which leads the the audience to relish their time.
  • The usage of both backlinks and interlinks leads to the concentration of more information in the content.

What are the lists available in the Online mode of Free Domain Authority Checker and Page Authority Checker?

Few lists are available to check the prospect of domain authority and page authority and help in resolving the given below-

  • The SEO Toolz: This is one of the best and Free DA PA Checker website. It provides correct and accurate data to the users. It provides the analysis of backlinks to estimate the ability of the side to rank well in search engines.
  • MOZ Link Explorer: Domain authority checker is developed by MOZ and is capable of evaluating keyword ranking, anchor text, most visited engine page, domain links inbound links, etc.
  • Site Checker Pro: It is again in domain authority and page authority evaluation that monitors backlinks rank tracker help checker and SEO monitoring.
  • Website SEO Checker: This tool helps to evaluate domain authority score by usage of Alexa ranking checker, page authority checker, backlinks analysis,  URL to domain extractor, etc.
  • Page Checker by Sure Oak: This is another tool using MOZ rating. It is ideal for beginners since downloading the application is not necessary. It helps both Domain Authority Checker and Page Authority Checker by usage of tools like Sitemap generator, Head status checker, and SEO crawler tool.

What are the differences between Domain Authority and Page Authority?


Point of differences Domain Authority Page Authority
Dependency Depends on the entire domain. Depends upon a single page.
Backlinks It checks the entire domain. It checks on a single page.
Loading Speed The Loading speed is less. Loading speed is high.


What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation which is used to enhance the technical health of the website, the relevancy of content, and the popularity of links in a particular website. It mainly aims to improve the visibility of a website in search engines in terms of content.

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools lead to improve the data and notify the overall actions of the website. It shows the issues or unwanted features that prevail in the scrap and affects its ranking. It also uncovered the opportunities to enhance the strategy of a website and measure the run of the reports concerning competitors.

How many SEO tools are available for free?

SEO tools are available both for free and in payment facilities, A few SEO tools that are available online mode are as follows:

  • The Seo Toolz
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • SEM Rush
  • KW Finder
  • Moz Pro
  • Ubersuggest
  • SpyFu
  • Woorank
  • Majestic
  • SEO Quake
  • Siteliner
  • Fat Rank
  • Screaming Frog
  • Serpstat


To concentrate more individuals on the website by exercising the techniques of both domain authority and page authority constitutes a dignified position in SEO. It is to be specified that both constituted the visibility of the website and rank structure in search engines. To survive a website in the long run in online search engines both aspect has to improve their activity by fresh content.

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