How to fill RTGS form: Complete Guide

Meaning and complete guide on how to fill RTGS form

Meaning- Real Time Gross Settlement( RTGS) is a find transfer system under which the transfer of funds takes place from one bank to another on a Real-Time and Gross basis. Here, Settlement in “Real Time” means any kind of waiting or delay in the payment of transaction in relation to bunching is not entertained in this transfer mode. The transaction is settled as soon as it is processed. Again, “Gross settlement” means that as soon as the transaction takes place it gets to proceed further without any delay in service.

The RTGS system was introduced on 26 March 2004 in our country. Funds can be transferred through this system within India only. As RBI, introduced this system all kinds of rules and regulations are proclaimed by this statutory body only in the RTGS system. Only the banks and branches that have core banking facilities are assigned an Indian Financial System Code( IFSC) for this system. It is an eleven-digit Alphanumeric code. The first four alphabets of this code indicate the identity of the bank and the remaining seven numerals indicate a single branch. The IFSC is provided on the checkbook.

What is the timing of the RTGS operation?

RTGS facility is available between 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on weekdays and 9.30 to 1.30 p.m. on Saturdays. But this timing may vary from bank to bank depending upon the timing of the branches.

What is the RTGS system?

The features of the RTGS system are given in the following bullets:

  • Fastest possible system – it is the fastest means to transfer funds from one bank to another.
  • Basis of transaction– Under the RTGS system, a transaction is settled on one basis without bunching with any other transaction. Once processed the payment is final and recoverable.
  • Electronic system– Under this system, no physical exchange of money takes place it is an electronic transfer of funds.
  • Control– This system is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Value of transaction– RTGS is a system of transferring finds of high value. The minimum amount to be remitted through this system is Rs. 2, 00,000. However, the upper ceiling for RTGS is not present.
  • Service charge– No service charge is payable for the inward transactions but in the case of outward transactions service charge is payable @ Rs.  30 per transaction for transferring funds from Rs. 2, 00,000 to 5, 00,000 and Rs. 55 per transaction for transferring funds more than Rs.  5, 00,000.
  • Time involved– The beneficiary bank has to credit the customer account within two hours of receiving the fund transfer message from RBI.
  • Core Banking– all the banks cannot enjoy the facility of RTGS only those banks that are using core banking and enjoy the facility.

How to fill RTGS cheque?

RTGS cheque must be filled with the following details-

* “Yourself” to be mentioned in the “Pay To” row.

* Amount in figure and words as well to be written properly.

* Cheques must be attached with RTGS form ( filled in)

* TurtFurtherails must be written on the back of the cheque to avoid further problems like mobile no, account holder details, etc.

* The cheque must be Account Payee to avoid fraudulent activities.

How to fill RTGS form of SBI?

State Bank Of India is a renowned Commercial Bank in India and as per recommendation, most population relies on SBI to get facilities for Banking in India.

RTGS form of SBI has to go through with the following details to be filled in-

* The date portion should be mentioned correctly.

* The amount to be deposited in digits inclusive of service charges to be mentioned.

* “My” and “our” in case of “single” and “joint” accounts respectively to be mentioned in the form.

* The Bank’s name and Bank branch must be mentioned.

* IFSC can be easily ascertained from the book or any other UPI app.

* Mentioned Account Number in the respective row.

* Mentioned name of the remitter, address, mobile no., and acknowledged signature.

How to fill RTGS form of HDFC Bank?

Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) is the leading private-oriented Commercial Bank. In recent years, the growth and expansion of benefits of the bank have been praiseworthy which considerably enhanced related mechanisms. To transfer funds through RTGS, a form following details must be –

*Name, Account Number, Mobile Number, etc. Details of the remitter should be mentioned in the provided area.

* The Cheque Number should be mentioned for cheque payment in the form

* The address section is duly filled for nonregular customers.

* Beneficiary’s details should be correctly mentioned in the form.

* Beneficiary’s account details duly mentioned to avoid further discrepancies.

How to fill RTGS form of Axis Bank?

The advancing Commercial Bank of the private sector Axis Bank started its Banking operation from the headquarters of Mumbai, Maharashtra in the year 1993 with the former name UTI Bank Ltd but comprehensively, changed the name in July 2007, and now it’s popularity with the name Axis Bank. To transfer funds at easy means RTGS facility is also provided by this bank. To fill out the form of RTGS the necessary information has to be provided-

*Axis Bank form retains two parts one of the beneficiary column and another of the emitter column.

* Further details like sender account number, IFSC, and account and amount details of the recipient should be properly mentioned.

* In Axis Bank, RTGS services are only available in the amount of 2, 00,000.

Download  RTGS Forms Of Different Banks



How to fill RTGS form of the Bank of Baroda?

Bank of Baroda is the public sector Commercial Bank after the State Bank of India with 153 million customers and a total business of overseas offices. The following is the procedure to fill out the RTGS form of the Bank Of Baroda

* The Account Number, Name, and Payment of the sender should be mentioned in the given portions.

* Recipient name, Bank’s name, Branch Name, IFSC, Account Number, etc All details should be properly mentioned in the form.

* Lastly, mobile number and PAN No. are to be allowed within the form.

* Bank of Baroda provides an RTGS facility only if the amount exceeds Rs. 2, 00,000.

How to increase the RTGS limit of ICICI Bank?

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India is a privately owned Commercial bank and gains the reliability of customers by providing authentic services in a fast mode. To enhance the limit of fund transfer through RTGS are given below

* The minimum limit of RTGS in ICICI Bank is Rs, 2, 00,000, and the maximum limit of RTGS in ICICI Bank is Rs. 10, 00,000.

* To increase the RTGS limit the remitter has to visit the bank and the executor will provide the necessary details to enhance such extension limits.

How much time does RTGS take to money transfer?

RTGS is a fund transfer facility of the bank which introduced to facilitate more services through the Bank to its customers or any individual. To sustain the above-mentioned propaganda RTGS system is available 24/7,  one-to-one basis in an instant mode.

How to do RTGS online?

The efficient introduction of RTGS late to impactful money transfer. Funds can easily be transferred to the beneficiary bank account by electronic means by providing nominal details like-

√ Bank IFSC

√ Details of the Beneficiary Bank Account.

The funds should be remitted to the interbank through RTGS must be done by tapping on the bank transfer link in the payment/transfer tab.

  • Then, Select the type RTGS/NEFT.
  • After that, list the details of the recipient.
  • At last mention the amount in the particular given area.

The beneficiary’s account is credited in instant mode.

What is the upper limit of RTGS transactions in India?

RTGS system was introduced by RBI to avail 24X7X365 days facility to the customers. As for the guidelines minimum limit is sustained to rupees 2 lakh but the upper ceiling is not sustained to any criteria i.e. RTGS maximum limit is limitless to date.


The RTGS facility is the gainer recommendation to the idea of the Reserve Bank of India and it’s the fastest mode of money transfer and development of the transaction means of all business towards the development of Industries and Economy. It helps to increase the transaction of foreign-related transactions and keep pace with the balance of payment.

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