A solid Backlink profile decides your ranking: Here’s how

Do you want to try your hand at content writing and build up your image as a professional content writer all your dreams get flourished in mud if you don’t value the backlinks associated with the keywords of the content which leads your content to be the highest in rank holding but how come such dreams comes true?  Do you ever think about backlinks’ importance before analyzing the qualitative aspect of the content?

It is very true that all these create confusion and solid ambiguity. But don’t worry at all, Here is the complete guide to backlink making that leads to the real aspect of the creation of authentic backlinks to improve the rank holding of the content so let’s proceed further.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the simple but creative phenomenon of endorsing links to one site into a website page to enhance the ranking gradation of the relevant page.

In short, High backlinks result in ranking better in SEO( Search Engine Optimizer).

The links created on one website referring to another are called Backlinks. Inbound links or Incoming links are other names of Backlinks. It is one of the most essential elements to adopt ranking factors in Google.

What are the traits associated with backlinks?

To grab more attention and raise SERP( Search Engine Result Page), the quality of backlinks should be increased. In a nutshell, backlinks are the key trait of ranking.

 All the backlinks should be the source of the authentic website.

To grab more attention always use anchor text( text with highlighted colors) so it is valuable to add target keywords as anchor text.

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The Backlinks linkage from one website to another should have the same topic to make a relation or association of relevant topics.

What makes outstanding backlinks?

The confidence of any person is enhanced when others appreciate hard work likewise backlinks are valuable sources that secure the “vote of confidence” from one site over another. It acts as an essence to vouch for another site if linked to it.

So it is the real intention to why Google higher rank on that website which inherits a solid amount of backlinks.

All the backlinks are not similar in value. Few of them attribute high quality and utility. Here are the points that show the relevancy of outstanding backlinks-

Authority: The power to delegate the task, backlinks of strong webpages mainly contemplate high authority i.e. pages of high backlinks should have more rank holding and automatically boost the page image. So, it is always necessary to build a high score of backlinks on a respective page.

Relevancy: Backlinks should always be done inclusive of those websites that are of the same value or related topics. Example- A plumbing service website should have backlinks related to installing boilers which refer to be relevant to the topic whereas a website about cats doesn’t fit the respective topic.

Anchor text: Points to enhance search quality-

  • Page rank
  • Anchor text
  • Proximate information

So anchor text are easy means to enhance the quality and aspect of backlinks as per rank holding.

Target Page:  Google always ranks the content as per pages rather than a website. So always use Internal links to transfer authority to the non-ranking or boring page to maintain the rank holding of all pages in a website.

Spending a lot of hours: Backlinks always be created only on those pages that inherit more keywords to ensure the qualitative point to a higher ranking.

Comparison with competitors:  Each resource and profession consists of competitors. The website which has the same criteria of content are competitors to each other. It is the task to always keep a close eye on the movement of competitors, calculate the link gap of the competitors, and compare your backlinks with the competitors to plan a strategy for increased backlinks.

# Facts to know

* Hubspot spotted that businesses that engage in blogging services generate 97% more backlinks than other web pages.

* Ascend clarifies that 13% of search experts believe link building is the most valuable SEO tactic.

* Aira stated that 51% of marketers believe backlinks are still important as per the ranking perspective on the Google algorithm.

What is the importance of Backlinks?

The importance of backlinks can never be denied as it’s an enormous aspect of writing content, so the following points provide such proof-

Generation of Traffic: High traffic in page results for a search of such page which may link through backlinks of other websites

Brand exposure: To set more backlinks result optimization of such page leads to a high brand image of the website.

Enhance good relations: It’s very necessary to have healthy relations with the elements of the environment to survive in the long run. Backlinks are a survival strategy that establishes social relations with other websites.

# Facts to know-

  • 53% of website traffic comes from organic search.
  • Backlinks are the source of the foundation of Google’s original algorithm ( called PageRank).
  • Among the three most ranking factors backlinks hold one of the positions.

# Facts to know

An established website should always possess 40- 50 backlinks to the homepage and up to 100 backlinks to the web page.

What are the features of Backlink Checker?

Backlink checker help to analyze the profile of a page from the backlinks perspective to find out the authenticity of the linked website.

The features a Backlink checker should retain are the following:

  • Backlinks Checker must estimate the potential value of the link based on domain and page.
  • The Backlink checker distributes the anchor text and checks its frequency.
  •  Backlink Checker should always count the gaps to analyze the result as per competitors.
  •  Backlinks Checker always defines the type of link to show the reality of that website.
  •  Backlinks Checker keeps an eye on lost and new backlinks.
  •  Backlink Checker has web crawlers instead of relying on an external source.

 The FREE Backlink Checker list is given below

  • SEO Spy Glass
  • Google Search Console
  • Seobility
  • SEO Review Tools
  • Small SEO Tools
  • Link Analyser
  • SE Ranking


Link Building has enormously created difficulty since Google has adopted different ways to crack the source of backlinks.

To create backlinks the creator has to spend a lot of time managing intrinsic research activity and ends up with ultimate good resourceful links. Despite all the above casual dilemmas. Backlinks are still an important constituent of rank checker of a website, any website enhances the strategy and builds up brand value through it.

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