Trick to find someone’s IP Address

Is that possible to give a surprise without any hint to your friends or loved ones to check ip location of your friends and celebrate the occasion of their birthday through their IP Addresses? Sounds impossible, but don’t widen your pupils if we say that yes, it’s happening in a real scenario. How?  Get set go…..

Internet worldwide networks are the main source of interaction with each other. For means of downloading a file or folder or even uploading the same, the computer should be recognized by a specified address. This address has a technical term called IP Address.

Before dealing with the above-mentioned point let’s know:

About IP address

The IP address enables data packets to be received and sent through devices and acts as an identifier that holds all in all information about the location of the user. It is an indispensable element of the internet. IP addresses are always unique.

It’s allocation is done in the series of numbers which are segregated by (.) ranges from 0 to 255.Example-

#Facts to know– ICANN is an abbreviation of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers established in the year 1988 in the USA. Its main objective is to safeguard the interest of users’ security. It’s a department called IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority) that generates the unique IP Address, this IP address can be calculated in mathematical mode.

All the software whichever are present in the Internet built-in data holds the information, pattern, activities, and operation within the operating system. It helps to identify which data belongs or is generated from which location of IP Address. Mostly in cybercrime IP Addresses play a key role in solving cases. The IP address contains two kinds of numbers within itself i.e.  Network No. and Host No.

Now it’s the time to equate you to Check IP Location address of someone else:

For instance, the internet appears to be a safe place but as you spend more hours on it you will be able to realize the authenticity of such safety. We have listed a few methods to find someone’s IP address and listed below in segregated bullets:

*Usage of IP addresses search tool:

Nowadays, IP address Checker tools are easily available in online media which will acknowledge you all the key information about the location of country, city, language, and timezone-related data but unfortunately unable to access or check the location of street area, code, phone number, email, or even name of the individual devices. The most prominent  in this list are:

  • Google IP address tool- You can smoothly find the results by simply typing ” What’s my IP address?  in search engine.
  • IP Locator– You can smoothly view this page the public IP Address by visiting IP Locator

* Information through E-Mail:

Emails generally give access to the receiver to acknowledge the Sender’s email address and related information on the Sender’s Policy Framework(SPF). So to dig out the queries about the IP address locator you have to go through the email Arena in the following ways :

  • Gmail-

 Gmail is a popular email website that gives the information in following ways-

  1. Tap on inbox email as per the title to which the IP address location is tracked.
  2. Select the option and show it originally from the three dots menu next to the respond option.
  3. The sender’s IP Address is present on the 6th row after the SPF heading.
  • Yahoo! mail-

Yahoo!  Mail is again a popular website followed by Gmail gives the data in the following ways-

  1. Click on Yahoo mail. account.
  2. Select the header whose IP address location you want to check.

3 . Under the click more option consider viewing raw messages.

  1. Then the new window appears on the screen which can locate the IP address.

* Information through Command Prompt-

HTML helps to give access to track IP Address location in two different devices-

For Window Users

The steps are:

Step 1: Open the Task Bar

Step 2: Click on the Search Box

Step 3: Enter ” Command Prompt” or “cmd” and click on OK.

Step 4: Run the command.

For Apple Devices

Step 1: Enter “cmd” or the spacebar to start the processing of the search.

Step 2: Select the terminal.

Step 3: Go for the Terminal application.

In both cases, the number next to the IPv4 address will be your IP Address, which is also referred to as an IPv6 address.

* In a chat room-

Web browser extensions are generally acknowledged to facilitate IP address information in chat rooms. One can restrict it by using any browser extension into discretion to never provide personal details.

  • IP Address can be hidden by an individual through usage of a VPN( Virtual Private Network), it is one of the most effective and reliable methods. It hides the real IP address which routed the tunnel in the network to disguise the IP Address. Tools like Surfshark and AtlasVPN are the great example of such tools.

How to find the IP Address of someone else on Instagram from a smartphone?

For the Android version numerous IP address trackers are available like Instagram IP Finder, Grabify IP Address, and mSpy all these facilitate the user to access IP addresses in the platform.

How to track the exact location of the IP Address?

To Grab and locate the exact IP address go for the tool called Nord VPN IP address. This too lets you enter the IP address and display the geographical location of the respective field IP address. To access multiple IP addresses, you have to repeat the process one after another using respective addresses.

# Facts to know- Google Maps even locates the IP Address as per location data uploaded in it.


Your real intention of using these tools and ways to track IP addresses should be authentic enough otherwise bullying and engaging in featuring malicious activity will be considered as cybercrime that enforces imprisonment with penalties. So always leap before you look and be aware of your deed.

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