What is Disavow of Links in Google Search Console?

Do you have links that are slowing down your website? 

Are you also wondering about removing the malicious links from your website? 

Have you ever heard of the process of the link disavow? 

So, the disavowal of links is a very significant process that saves your website from the clutches of malicious or degraded links that may harm your website’s ranking position.

Not only that it doesn’t provide or even hamper the SEO efforts and mainly their credibility. If these links are still present in your websites earnestly disavow them to safeguard your website from Google consideration during evaluations.

We have come up to help you understand how you can find bad backlinks and disavow Bad Links by using the Google search console. So jam your seats and get ready to acknowledge the views.

What is a bad link?

Bad intrinsic backlinks are mainly those links that Google encounters to be of low quality or spammy.

In a nutshell, those links are considered to be irrelevant to your websites. These links hampered and degraded the ranking position and even caused penalties from Google.

What is the meaning of Disavow of Bad Links?

Disavowing links means identifying degraded links from the website and removing them. 

Disavowing links can be done through the following process: 

Firstly, Identifying the suspicious or malicious links pointing to the website. It can be done manually by examining the content of the pages or you can go for the simplest option of using an automated tool Google Search Console to identify any prospective harmful links in the website.

Secondly, After identification submit a request to Google to remove such links from their content.

Thirdly, Google doesn’t count links removed previously from your website to decide the ranking position and it won’t negatively affect your SEO efforts.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free-to-use tool of Google that enables you to show your website’s performance in search results. It includes various performances given in the following bullets-

  • It shows the number of appearances of your websites in search results.
  • It enables you to represent your website rank in terms of keywords.
  • It monitors your content error.
  • Last but not least it helps in identifying bad backlinks.

What are the elements to remember before Disavowing Backlinks?

When you decide to disavow a link due to the threat of ranking position, you consider it could help or hinder your website performance due to the removal of links from the website. It might hurt if you do not remove the wrong links. 

Here are a few categories to keep an eye out for:

  • It represents spam sites.
  • Links that appear in spam comments.
  • Sites that are set up just for links.
  • Backlinks which are not related to the content.

What is the process to Disavow Bad Links on Google Search Console?

Below mention are the details of the explanation about the Disavowal of Links. Let’s have a cakewalk through the steps:

Step 1: Create your text file to disavow backlinks-

To use Google Search Console,  you must create a text file that should contain the full URL of each domain or link that is in the list of disavow. There must be one link per line.

Step 2: Ensure the disavowal file fills them with their required

The file must end with text and it should be encoded in UTF 8 or 7-bit ASCII to be valid as per requirement. The size of the file is within the limit of 1,00,000 lines or 2MB ( inclusive of comments). The URL must not exceed the length of 2048 characters.

Step 3: Submit the extension .txt file to disavow through the Google tool

As you create the text file in an appropriate way it must be submitted to the Google tool to prolong the Disavow of Links effect.

Step 4: Notice the changes to be reflected-

The process of disavowing links takes two weeks or even more. So, don’t panic instead be patient after conforming to your request. In a nutshell, link disavowal is not a matter of work at the tip of a finger it should be done as a part of a larger plan to improve the website’s performance over time.

How does Disavow Of Backlinks have a major impact on SEO?

Disavowing links is crucial for safeguarding your website’s online credibility. It’s not just about enhancing user experience; it directly impacts your ranking and shields your site from potential search engine penalties.

For professionals, comprehending the impact of links is vital for boosting website rankings. Backlinks play a pivotal role in this process, underscoring the importance of maintaining a strong linking profile.


Final Words

Webmasters emphasize the risks of losing Google search rankings due to backlink issues. Disabling flagged links is crucial to restore functionality and improve search standings. However, it’s vital to note that Google’s guidelines should be thoroughly understood before employing the disavow tool. Exercise caution when adding links; instead of disavowing entire domains, target specific URLs affecting ranking outcomes.


What are the situations to use a Disavow Tool?

The situations are given in bullets-

* When the website inherits a lot of low-quality links flagged by Google. You can disavow the links to improve the performance of the website.

* When the website inherits a few links from a site that is consistently considered to be spam by Google.

What to do if Google already penalizes the website?

If Google flags your website due to detrimental backlinks, swift action is necessary to rectify the link profile. The foremost recourse is to file an official reconsideration request, urging manual removal. Compile a comprehensive list of harmful links for removal. This process revitalizes traffic flow and reinstates your website’s ranking.

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