Top 5 benefits of buying old domains

Planning to buy a new domain and start a new website. Rethink your decision again! The catch here is you can actually benefit more from buying an old domain than you will when buying a new domain. Does that sound confusing? No worries. This blog will clear all your doubts about buying an old or expired domain as they call it. Let’s just dive right into it!

Why Should You Buy An Old Domain?

Easier to Build Site Authority

If you are planning to launch a new website, it can be a good idea to try to buy an old domain rather than a brand-new one. If you buy a new domain, you will have to start building the Domain Authority from scratch which can be quite a daunting task, since competition today is so high. 

You have to create fresh content and start building your backlinking portfolio from scratch. And it may take years before your domain authority even starts to develop. But if you buy an old domain, it will already have its own SEO structure and domain authority. Hence, you can simply amp up your SEO efforts and build on the domain authority to appear higher on the SERPs quickly. 

Strengthen Backlinking Portfolio

If you are starting to build your backlinking portfolio, you can build an entire site to link back to your main website. But that can be a time-consuming and costly affair. 

So, why not build a toned-down version of a site to link back to your website? You can use this site only for linking to your main website. So, when you buy an old domain, you already have a site ready, you don’t have to build it from the ground up. 

You only have to update the content and make it relevant to your niche so that it looks authentic. This whole method actually has a na,e which is called the PBN method. PBN stands for Private Blog Networks. 

You can buy and build more than one domain like these and link them all back to your main website. It will cost you less money, take you less time, and give you the same results as a website built from scratch would. What you have to make sure is that the IP addresses of the sites linking back to your website don’t look similar. 

Also, don’t host the other sites on the same server. The goal is to not make it evident that unrelated sites are linking back to your website. 

Try Redirecting

Another simpler way to make the best use of old domains without building the toned-down websites we spoke about above, is to simply redirect the old website domain you purchase to your main website. 

You can use a 301 redirect and if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can get help from an SEO expert on the matter. Since an old domain comes with a higher SEO value and domain authority, its ranking value will get transferred to your hero website seamlessly, This is likely to make your main website more trustworthy, give you better rankings, and also increase your Domain Authority scores

Put it Up for Reseller

Another great and predominantly profitable idea to benefit from purchasing old domains is to buy them and resell them for a specific amount of profit that is reasonable and also matches your interests. This practice is largely termed Domain Flipping. 

There are several people who are actually earning a living through Domain Flipping. Wondering how to do it? First, you have to participate in an online auction that is ideally held to sell an old domain and you have to win the auction to buy the same. The second step is to build on the SEO of the old domain you just purchased. 

Try backlinking this newly purchased old domain to relevant sites. The older the domain is, and the higher authority you manage to build for it through your SEO efforts, the higher the price you’ll get for it! You can even buy an old domain, transform it to build an e-commerce site or even a niche-specific blog site, and then sell it away on one of those auctions, the kind that you bought it from. 

You can earn almost ten times the amount that you bought it for if you can make the domain worth it. You will definitely need to put in a lot of effort but it will all be worth it in the end. 

Enjoy Higher Search Volume With Exact Matching Keywords

If you can manage to buy an old domain in your niche or industry that has the exact matching keywords as the keywords you are targeting, it can be a miracle. 

Look for old domains in your niche with exact-match keywords that have a high search volume. This way, you can attract traffic from all those keywords that you are just now beginning to target but the old domain has already been targeting. 

You basically increase your SERP ranking possibilities in no time and with more efficiency and potential. Another point to remember is that short domains are the ones that are most easily memorable and also have a solid branding background. So, if you can buy an old domain that the target user can simply type in to search it is going to be beneficial for you but it’s also going to be expensive. The catch here is to nail user-friendliness and grab the memorizing value. 


Remember that these are tactics that a lot of internet enthusiasts are already using and making money from. It may not be as easy as it sounds when you read this blog. You definitely have to spend some time and effort to get this done and benefit in multiple ways from purchasing an old domain. But all of your efforts are going to be fruitful if you can monetize your method correctly. 



  1. Is buying an old domain really a thing? 

    Ans. Of course, it is! There are billions of people literally earning a living out of it. For many, it’s their main source of income. Might sound crazy if you’re new to this concept, but if you go through this blog, you’ll sure know that it; ‘s possible, and the best part, you’ll also get to know how to do it and do it right! 

  2. What are the benefits of buying an old domain? 

    Ans. The benefits are many but it all depends on how you can make the best of the benefits. A few of the benefits include an already-established domain authority, a pre-evaluated SEO strategy, some matching and high-ranking keywords, and more. To get deeper insights, you can go through this blog and you’ll be good to go. 

  3. How to buy an old domain? 

    Ans. Old domains are usually sold on online auctions. You just have to go online and check for such auctions regularly to bag the best deals. 

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