Why Domain Authority matters in seo?

You may be a website owner who wants to check the quality of the sites you are getting backlinks from, you may want to check the SERP ranking strength of your market competitors, or you may want to check your own website’s domain authority, to check how likely your website is to rank on the Google SERPs. No matter what your purpose is, if you are looking to check the domain authority of any site and are wondering how you can use the information from a DA PA checker to improve your SEO strategy, you have landed on the right blog!

What is Domain Authority & Why is it Important for SEO?

The Domain Authority or DA refers to a SERP ranking score that was first introduced and implemented by Moz. The DA score can be anywhere between 1 to 100, the higher the score, the greater the probability of the site ranking higher on the SERPs. DA authority is calculated by considering multiple data points. 

The DA is calculated by an intelligent machine-learning algorithm. If you are analyzing the DA of your competitors, and you get a score of 50 while your competitor gets an 80, it is most likely that your competitor will rank higher than you on the SERPs. Hence you may want to change a few things in your overall SEO strategy, revamp your content, improve your design, and make it more user-friendly, or you may include a bulk of high-quality backlinks.

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Once you make the changes, you are most likely to see a change in the scores. The highest probability is that you can leave your competitors behind in terms of DA Score. There is no specific reason for the DA scores to fluctuate. It is a combination of multiple factors and all you can do is consider the scores, check what your competitor is doing better than you, and make changes accordingly to beat their scores. 

You can use a Domain Authority Checker tool to check any website’s domain authority. These tools are trained with smart ML algorithms to analyze 25+ factors and determine the page authority and domain authority of any URL. 

How Can You Improve Your Domain Authority?

There is no hard and fast method that you can follow to improve your DA scores, because if that was possible, then almost all authentic sites would apply the rule and earn a higher DA score. Your DA score is your signal to make improvements and proactive changes in your website’s overall SEO.

You can use a DA PA Checker tool. Once you get your DA score and you notice it’s lower than your competitors, you have to take a deeper dive into checking the SEO health of your website. Analyze the quality of every backlink, remove broken links, remove large images, get your development team to work on the loading speed, and so much more.  

What Factors Are Considered to Calculate Your DA Score?

Here are some important factors that are considered when calculating your DA scores. 

  • Total number of backlink sources to your website
  • MozRank to determine the strength and authority of external links
  • MozTrust to determine the quality of every link
  • Quality and structure of the website content
  • Social shares and performance to determine popularity
  • Standard of SEO-optimization of your entire website

A Few Tips To Improve Your SEO Strategy & Your DA Score Together

  • Choose a website relevant domain name. Your domain name should either be your company’s name or should clearly communicate the main topic of your website.
  • Thought Leadership is a rising trend. Make the best use of it by publishing high-quality and engaging content that other high-quality websites will be willing to link to. 
  • SEO will impact both your Google SERP Rankings and your site’s Domain Authority. Hence, it is important to ensure that all your pages meet the SEO standards including well-optimized title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, and more. 
  • Pay attention to structuring your linking network efficiently. Internal links are as important as external ones. Use internal links to engage users and help them navigate your website better. 
  • Audit your website regularly to identify any bad links and act immediately to remove each and every one of them. No matter the number of links, any links from bad sources can ruin your domain authority. 
  • Most users are likely to look at websites on the go. Hence, your website has to be mobile-friendly. Invest enough effort in improving the UX. 
  • Utilise social media to promote your website content, most preferably your blog page. Social shares signal the popularity of your website. 
  • Do in-depth research on where your competitors are getting their best-performing backlinks. Try to check your opportunities in terms of whether you can get similar but better links. 
  • If your website has been online and active for more than 5 years, it is important to keep updating your older content to make it relevant to the current times. For example, if you have a blog titled “Best Ways to Improve Domain Authority in 2020”, it is a great idea to update the blog to “Best Ways to Improve Domain Authority in 2023”. This way you will always stay up-to-date and relevant to your current audience. 
  • Try the ‘going viral’ trend. If you can come up with any unique idea relevant to your own niche that has the potential to blow up, this is the time to make it happen!

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

The main factor to understand here before we get into a good DA score or a bad DA score is that a good or bad domain score is different for different sites in different niches. For example, if you are a fashion brand in Texas, whether your DA score is good will depend on the DA scores of your competitor fashion brands in Texas.

Hence, checking just your own website’s DA score will never be of any benefit. If you have a DA score of 70, and your 4 competitors have DA scores of 30, 20, 60, and 45, you are all good and you have nothing to worry about. 


Hence, even though Domain Authority is not directly linked to SEO, both are connected in a lot of significant ways. Your domain authority indicates how much work you need to put into your SEO strategy. And positive changes in your SEO strategy reflect positively on your site’s Domain Authority. The key here is to keep both in check and audit your site regularly without fail. 


  • How Can I Check My Domain Authority?

    You can simply go to our Free DA PA Checker Tool, paste the website URL you can to check and you are good to go. Your score will be right on your screen in a matter of seconds.

  • Does a low DA score mean I have a bad website?

    No. Just a low score does not mean poor website health. What you have to check is whether your DA score is lower than your competitors or not. It is a matter of comparison. If your DA score is lower than all your competitors significantly, you need to start worrying about it and do something about it.

  • What can I change in my SEO strategy to get a better DA score?

    You can try implementing a few useful tips like updating and optimizing your website content, add meta tags and descriptions, removing keywords that are not required, removing bad backlinks, and more. 


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